TS Informant 6 Review | Own A TS Chip? This Will Make You Happy

TS Performance Informant 6




Ease of Installation







  • Easy installation
  • Adjust settings on the fly
  • Must have for six position chip owners
  • Free next day air


  • Higher Price

Ever wanted a stand alone set of gauges for your TS Six Position Chip? Introducing the ts Informant 6. For years if you had a 7.3L Powerstroke with a, very popular, TS 6 position chip you switched your tune with a knob. You could not tell if you had actually done anything to your truck unless by feeling it in the pedal. If only you had a set up with gauges to tell on the fly how your truck is performing… Not to fear TS Performance has released a touch screen monitor that works perfectly with your TS six position chip!

ts informant 6The Solution:

TS Performance Informant 6

The TS Performance 5280106 Informant 6 for your 94-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke is a state-of-the-art touch screen monitor and gauge that allows you to control your TS Performance Six-Position Chip with the just the push of a button. This all-in-one monitor features an expandable design that also monitors additional parameters such as turbo boost, speed, transmission temperature and more! Does not include an EGT probe or back up camera, but is compatible with those Edge products. Maybe this is something TS Performance will add in the future to expand out the TS Informant 6 brand, but we would not count on it. If a probe is something you want then it would be in your best interest to just buy the Edge probe. TS does offer an informant monitor for other trucks. This is called the Informant U (universal) to monitor other trucks, part number 5280100. However, we do recommend this just because the Edge comp has a much lower price point than the Informant U.

Fits: 1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

The complete kit comes with:

  • Users Manual
  • Informant module
  • Zip ties
  • Switch to head unit wiring harness
  • Chip switch
  • OBDII cable
  • Micro usb to usb cable
  • Window mount
  • Alcohol prep pad

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TS Informant 6 Installation:

This installation should take around 1 hour. The difficulty is a 3 out of 10 with 10 being extremely difficult. Making this a pretty easy install overall. Just like during the chip install you need to remove your battery cables! This is the first step and very important.

Watch the TS Informant 6 Install Below:

See what comes in the TS Informant 6 Below:


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