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Swamps Diesel Performance Now at Thoroughbred Diesel

Thoroughbred Diesel is proud to offer a brand new product line called Swamp’s Diesel Performance. Swamp’s offers many products for your Ford Powerstroke. Their most popular products are stock or performance injectors, FICM, and IDM. Swamps even offers a 5 year 200,000 mile warranty on their Ford 7.3L Powerstroke injectors. This is unheard of in the diesel performance industry. Because of the value of only offering the best products and attention to detail allows Swamps Diesel Performance to offer this kind of warranty.

Swamps Diesel Performance is known for their high quality injectors. Injectors can be one of the most costly and aggravating problems that can arise in any diesel. Many injectors that are sold on the web just are not made of high quality and are destined to cause more problems down the road. How about some injectors that are “rebuilt” to be the highest quality on the market for once? Swamp’s Diesel Performance is your answer! They are now offering ONLY Ford Motor craft fuel injectors and have made a commitment to offering ONLY THE BEST products for your Ford Power Stroke.

Swamp’s Diesel Performance is a professional“hard core” diesel aftermarket performance parts provider specifically for Ford Powerstroke diesels. Dave Armstrong is the the founder and owner since 2002 to Swamp’s Diesel. Dave is a ‘hands on’ owner that works to have the best performing parts, at the best price, and for the best value. Major parts for your Powerstroke like injectors, FICM, and IDM can be purchased. Call Thoroughbred Diesel with your questions or to get free advice. The phone number is toll free at 866-737-4966.

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