My First Diesel Truck. Now What?!?

first diesel truck

What should I get for my first diesel truck?

More often than not our customers call in and say, “So this is my first diesel truck, and I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the products that you guys offer. Can you help me?” We LOVE this question! As diesel enthusiasts we are excited to help a person ease their way into the world of diesel performance. More importantly, we have all been where you are now, and we know exactly how overwhelmed you feel. The first piece of advice we want to give you is never be afraid to ask questions. So often we speak with customers who don’t ask the right questions because they think they already know, or because they feel that the question is trivial and are slightly embarrassed to ask. We want to clear the air right now and pledge to you that:

Thoroughbred Diesel will take any question you ask as a serious one, and will answer it as best we can. Just because you purchased your first diesel truck, doesn’t make you any less valuable to the diesel community. Any question you can think of has more than likely already been asked of us 5 times that same day; do not hesitate to ask us again, it’s what we do. We want you to feel confident in your purchases ALWAYS, therefore if what we are saying sounds like a foreign language please ask us to repeat it in English (we also know sign language but it is hard to convey over the phone).

The most important thing we can tell you is not to rush into any purchases. The most vital step in making a good purchase is doing the research. However for most people this involves simply driving a friend’s truck and saying, “I want that!” DO NOT BUY SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE YOUR FRIEND DID. The problem with this is that you’re limiting yourself to that one bit of information when that product might not meet all of your needs. The remainder of this article will be devoted to helping you, learn how to shop for your truck. Your first diesel truck will hold a special place in your heart so treat it right!

Step 1 – Set your Goal

We know this sounds cliché; however it is a very important step. Goals can be anything from improved fuel economy, to building a sled pulling/drag racing truck, to please get my truck running again. The simple fact is you can’t get where you need to be if you don’t know where you’re going.  Setting your goal involves 3 things:

1) Cost -To properly set your goal you have to know how much you’re willing to spend, or if you already have a goal how much it is going to cost. Diesel performance is an expensive game and money is often times a limiting factor.

2) Achievement – You need to know what you want to accomplish by upgrading your vehicle and most importantly you need to know what end results you need for it to be a satisfying purchase.

3) Worth – Determining the worth of your goal is very simple. You look at how much it’s going to cost and what you hope to achieve. If you are unsure if the cost is going to be worth the achievement then you honestly need to start over.

Step 2 – Research

From our experience this is where most customer regrets occur. Countless times we have talked to customers and recommended a product only to hear them say, “Man, I wish I knew this before my last purchase.” Research can come in many forms but here are several sources that we find the most helpful.

1) Word of mouth – We said early not to buy a product just because a friend had it, and we stand by that. However the ability to talk to someone that has used the product and stands to gain nothing by recommending it to you will always be an invaluable resource. Most likely if you are into diesel performance then you will have friends that are as well. However, if you do not, then online forums can prove to be an awesome source of information and a way to discuss products with real people who have used them.

2) Manufacturing Websites – We pride ourselves on knowing the products we sell and being able to answer questions for our customers, but we don’t know everything. Often times when a customer asks us a question, and we don’t know the answer, our sales techs will go to the manufacturing website to look up information. Manufacturing sites can be a great resource for the customers; however DO NOT buy directly from the manufacturer. Even if you don’t buy it from us, we promise you will get it cheaper when buying from a resale store.

3) Resale Merchants – Resale merchants are companies like us. We don’t actually make the products but we know a whole lot about them. The great thing about this type of company is that they deal in multiple brands, therefore if you call and ask for their opinion. They will tell you which product, from which brand they prefer. BE CAREFUL that their answer is not monetarily bias though. Do not simply take their opinion for gospel, and always ask why they chose that product. Two good questions we get a lot from our customers are:
“If this were your truck, which one would you buy?”
“Which one is the best buy for my money?”

Step 3 – Buying

Once you are confident in your choice of product, you can start doing price comparisons. As a company we want you to get three things from any purchase.

1) The cheapest price possible – Here at Thoroughbred Diesel we are constantly working to get our customers the cheapest prices possible. If you find it cheaper somewhere else we want to know about it. If you find a product priced over $200 dollars listed on a competitors website for less, we will beat that price by $10 dollars guaranteed!

2) Fast Shipping – There is nothing worse than having your truck down for weeks. It is a nightmare and can even cost you major money and heartache. Buying parts from a company with warehouses all over the country and being able to process your order quickly with tracking is critical. You worked hard for your money and paid good money for your diesel parts, why not get them ASAP? Ordering from a company that provides fast and reliable shipping can make your nightmare of a problem that much more bearable. 

3) Perfect Customer Service – Buying parts can be very confusing. Being able to chat or call a professional to get you in the right part and not one that will cause more problems down the road, is worth a lot. Here at Thoroughbred Diesel we offer this for not even one red cent. It will cost you nothing to chat or call in for FREE ADVICE. Our representatives work, drive, and live diesels daily. They are trained on various diesel products and are always being taught new knowledge daily. Training sessions straight from the manufacture is very common on site at Thoroughbred Diesel. 

4) No Hidden Charges – Nothing burns us up more than companies that charge extra for handling fees or extra charges. If there is a price on a page, that is the same price it should be when I checkout. Sure I will pay extra for faster shipping, but do you really have to charge a few extra bucks to go pluck an item off a shelf? Thoroughbred Diesel is one of the few companies on the web that thinks this is dishonest.  We do not charge you for handling fees!

Congratulations on your first diesel truck purchase and with entering the diesel marketplace and catching the fever. You have made the first big step in choosing and buying your first diesel truck, but the journey is just beginning. Buying parts or upgrades can be confusing but if you follow the three steps listed above and you will be on your way. Set your Goal, Research, and Buying.



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