Diesel Videos, Dyno Runs, Diesel Product Installs

Are you a diesel enthusiast? If you answered yes, pop a bag of popcorn and check out Thoroughbred Diesel’s YouTube channel! Hundreds of diesel truck related videos, from product installs to dyno runs.

Every year at Thoroughbred Diesel’s shop in Winchester, Kentucky they put on a dyno event called Judgement Day. There is allot of videos to watch from the Judgement Day dyno event on the Thoroughbred Diesel you tube channel. Watch dyno runs, raffle winners of diesel performance products, and just crazy stuff people watching the dyno event do!

Thoroughbred Diesel is a real diesel performance and repair shop that installs all the products they offer. They offer allot of great install videos that take you threw the steps of how to install the product on your Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, or Duramax diesel truck. It is very usefull to know if you have the tools required to install the yourself or if you would be best served to take it to the shop to have it installed. If you have any questions about your diesel truck, I highly reccomend that you take advantage of there free diesel advice offered over the phone at 866-737-4966.


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