Diesel Tuner Store

Thoroughbred Diesel is please to announce a brand new website to there arsenal, www.DieselTunerStore.com. Diesel Tuner Store in intended for the shopper that is searching for a tuner only. DieselTunerStore.com features shop by truck, sort by price, popular tuners and more! Diesel Tuner Store offers a completely different shopping experience vs. Thoroughbred Diesel. If you are in the market for a tuner for fuel economy, towing, or flat out horsepower check out this brand new website from the guys at Thoroughbred Diesel.


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  • justin alexander says:

    I have a 2006 dodge cummins it rolls over for ever before it finally starts then it runs good on the road but when i slow down it acts like someone shuts the fuel off to it. It runs real rough and cuts out. I replaced the fuel pump and was going to change the rail pressure sensor do u have any ideas. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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