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Custom Diesel Now Offered at Thoroughbred Diesel

custom diesel logoThoroughbred Diesel is proud to offer a brand new product line called Custom Diesel. Custom Diesel offers many products for your Ford Powerstroke, but do offer some for the Chevy Duramax and Dodge Cummins. Their most popular products are EGR delete kits, OEM oil coolers, coolant filtration systems, and steering stabilizers. Thoroughbred Diesel has always worked hard to offer cheap egr deletes and Custom Diesel is helping us do so. The EGR system operates by taking some of the exhaust gases and sends it back into the motor. The hot exhaust gases are cooled by your engine cooling system. The problem is that the coolant is heated up by trying to cool the hot exhaust. This makes your engine operate at a higher temperature. By eliminating the EGR and Cooler you are sending all your exhaust gases thru the turbo and your coolant is now able to do the job it was intended for, cooling the engine. Removing the EGR valve eliminates the chance of any blockages in the system. Removing the EGR valve may set off a check engine light. You will need to run a tuner to turn off the EGR system to eliminate the code/light. Custom Diesel has the lowest prices and the best American made EGR delete kits around! Keep tuned in to see what else we can do with this exciting new brand.

Located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Custom Diesel was born of a desire by owner John Griffiths to offer great, American Made products at wholesale pricing. A sample of the products they manufacture include: Ford EGR delete kits, Dodge EGR delete kits, Dodge steering stabilizers, Ford leveling kits, GMC/Chevy leveling kits, and engine coolant filtration systems. By developing and in house manufacturing a solid line of high quality products Custom Diesel is able to control costs and deliver the best available solution at rock bottom prices. All Custom Diesel branded parts include a limited lifetime warranty, low price guarantee, no handling charges, and the best customer service in the industry! They want to be your number one source for all things diesel and are willing to work harder than anyone else to accomplish that. Call Thoroughbred Diesel with your questions. It is toll free at 866-737-4966.

Check out what Custom Diesel has to offer for your Diesel at this link >>


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