Comp-One by Snow Performance is coming!

Snow Performance’s Comp-One™ gives you the hottest tunes and water-methanol injection so you can run them with safety. In fact, nothing is more powerful! Comp-One™stacks programmer’s “hot tune” with water-methanol’s safe power gain and cooling effect for the ultimate diesel upgrade.

Snow Performance, a perennial leader in water/methanol injection, has combined intelligent control of the injection system with a full-featured tuner for an industry-first solution that they say is the most advanced available today. The Comp/One system, available for both gasoline and diesel applications, interfaces through your vehicle’s OBDII port and utilizes a dash-mounted touch screen monitor/programmer to get as much as 25% more power out of your turbo or supercharged vehicle.The new Comp-One™ Water/Methanol-Injection System Plus Performance Tuner from Snow Performance is available for a variety of domestic Ford, GM and Dodge applications. It is formulated to help get the most power from supercharged or turbocharged gasoline engines, without custom tuning or high-octane fuel.

Snow Performance Comp-One System Features:

  • Dash mounted monitor/programmer
  • The most advanced water-methanol system programming
  • No need to buy a separate tuner, water-methanol injection system, gauges, diagnostic code reader tool, and performance monitor
  • Plug-and-play installation through OBDII diagnostic port
  • All functions controlled through one touch screen
  • Virtual dashboard allows custom gauge displays
  • Virtual drag strip function confirms power gains through on-the-road testing


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