Hassle Free LB7 Mod That Actually Results In A Quick 15HP

Fleece Performance Modified LB7 Intake Horn




Ease of Installation







  • Great Price
  • More Airflow to Turbo
  • Simple Upgrade


  • LB7 only options available atm
  • Long extension with a swivel wrench maybe need for installation
  • Does not fit EGR equipped lb7s

One of the cheapest lb7 mods with Big Results?

There are so many LB7 mods out that it would make anyone’s head spin. Fortunately we have the definitive simple lb7 mod that you should consider right out the gate. Fleece Performance states that their modified intake horn will “Increase your LB7’s potential with this simple, but effective upgrade. Back-to-back dyno pulls showed an increase of 15hp with this Fleece Performance Modified LB7 Intake Horn – that’s about the cheapest 15hp from a bolt on you’ll find anywhere!” Those are some pretty big claims but at just under $100 could these claims be true? Is this really the cheapest 15HP for your money.  Thoroughbred Diesel is proud to offer Fleece Performance products.

The Solution:intake horn LB7 Mod

Fleece Performance Modified Intake Horn LB7

The stock intake horn is very small and restrictive. The claim is that this product will give an increase in horsepower with immediate results without breaking the bank. However, this product is not for everyone. This modified intake horn does not fit EGR equipped lb7s. This will immediately turn some of you off to this product. Not to fear though! Many could still benefit from this upgrade. Compared to other diesel performance products this is at a perfect price point. This could also be a good pre upgrade before purchasing a larger turbo. If you have an upgraded turbo, max effort stock turbo, or built transmission this is a no brainer upgrade. A bigger turbo will need a better intake horn to reach its full potential, and this delivers on that. This is something you will see more on a dyno then through the pedal. You might get a different tone to your turbo spool though.

Fits: 2001-2004 GM Duramax LB7 – #FPE-INTAKEHORN

Some Advantages include:

  • more air to the turbo
  • makes it possible to reach peak power
  • good price

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The LB7 Mod Installation:

This installation should be pretty straight forward. This is just a replacement bolt on. Your are going to have to really work this piece in because you are in the valley of the motor and there are some tight clearances. However, some may find issue with the bottom bolts. The proper wrench that swivels and maybe even an extension can make quick work of that pesky bolt. Other than those issues you can probably install this in about 1.5-2 hours maybe less with the proper wrench and good flexibility.


One of the cheapest and best LB7 mods on the market to date? We think so what about you?


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