BMF Offroad Wheels

BMF Wheels

BMF Wheels is now SOTA Offroad.

BMF Wheels has created a truly unique and performance-driven line of 4×4 wheels and 4×4 rims for the off-road and lifted truck wheel enthusiast. Every BMF wheel is manufactured using a proprietary multi-axis CNC machining process. These ground-breaking innovations produce a true three-dimensional look that is second to none for 4×4 truck wheels and custom rims.

Being unique is an easy thing to want, but the practical application is hard to achieve. After years in the industry, the two founding partners of SOTA Offroad wheels were fed up with wheels that all looked the same, had no guts, and did not connect with customers. In 2007, SOTA Offroad wheels was funded on a commitment to a patent pending process, unique designs, and hard core branding. Since then, we continue to grow and bring new products to the lifted and leveled truck market. SOTA Offroad wheels pledges to our customers that we will never compromise on our designs, our brand or the attitude that comes with it. Our innovative manufacturing process combined with our brand appeal had provided SOTA Offroad customers a means to express their specific lifestyle. Every product we build is driven to represent our customers individually. This is what makes SOTA Offroad wheels a “True Original.”

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