Best Differential Cover For Your Diesel

best differential coverFinding the best differential cover for your diesel can be challenging. See how choosing the differential cover that best suits you can be a piece of cake. A diff cover is one of the most popular upgrades for your diesel truck and off road enthusiasts, but why is this so? An upgraded differential cover allows for you to carry more gear fluid oil. This extra fluid equals greater diff cooling. An aftermarket diff cover can also provide heavy, duty protection for your axle parts. This is a common impact point especially for those that like to take their rig off road.  However, how do I pick the best differential cover for me? Found out below!

Why Do I Need an Aftermarket Diff Cover?

An upgraded differential cover provides you with more oil. What is the purpose of having more oil though? The more oil you have the less likely you are to overheat that oil. Which is obviously a good thing. Add in some cooling fins and your differential parts are going to stay cool even in the roughest of situations.

broken ring pinionAlso the pure strength over a standard OEM differential cover is impressive. When you are in off road situations there is a lot of torque going across your axle. People are always putting their axles in situations of high torque. Some rock crawling vehicles can even reach an excess of 14,000 foot pounds at the rear axle. That creates a lot of twisting going across the open cavity of the rear axle. If your differential cover is bending under pressure the bearings inside are going to shift. You are going to get point to point contact which will destroy the bearings prematurely resulting in possible differential failure. An aftermarket gear oil can help keep your differential parts in top shape. A product like Royal Purple Max-Gear Oil is a type of oil that could be put in your differential cover. This gear oil is designed to provide maximum protection to heavily loaded gears while maximizing power output throughout the drive train.

What are Some Features I Should Look for in the Best Differential Cover?

  • Increased fluid capacity
  • High strength grade aluminum construction
  • Sight glass/dipstick (for checking fluid level)
  • Magnetic check plug
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Drive drain and fill plugs
  • Large cooling fins
  • Port for temperature sensor

Watch our video on what diff cover works best for you below:

Even though there are slight variances between differential cover brands, they will all increase your diff cover capacity and give your rear axle a custom look. You should choose a cover that works functionally for you, but consider the look as well. The rear and front diff cover is a statement piece and is open to personal opinion. They are beautiful pieces and as a bonus serve a nice function. That is why we are leaving the choice up to you as to the best differential cover! However, if you do have any questions or want to know more about differential covers you can give us a call toll free at 1-866-737-4966.

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