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Technical Bulletin From LazarSmith

Read below the break for an important post from LazerSmith about what you need to know about OEM clutches. OEM manual transmission clutches are designed to minimize NVH (noise, vibration and harmonics) to meet the demands of the marketplace, but this nod to a plush driving experience in “heavy-duty” pickup trucks carries a high cost in terms of durability and performance. Continue Reading →


Diesel Trucks for Sale and Best Sites to Find Them

Sometime during your life you will be looking to get a new diesel or sell your old one. Where are good places that will make it possible to sell your vehicle as fast as possible or where you can find that diamond in the rough? Diesel Addict has got the list of the top places to sell your diesel ride! Now lets get to the breakdown on the top sites on the web to sell or buy a diesel. Continue Reading →