Boost Foolers Spotlight | How They Work And Create More Power

what is a boost foolerWhat is a boost fooler? A boost fooler prevents over boost codes and defueling of the engine due to higher boost pressure. Essential during power mods. A boost fooler or boost builder are becoming very popular items in the diesel performance community. Turbo boost foolers are a popular modification for the Dodge Cummins 5.9L diesels. They are one of the simplest and common mods in Cummins engines. However, what is a boost fooler? What does a boost fooler actually do? Diesel Addict will get to the nuts and bolts of these questions below.

What is a Boost Fooler? What Does It Do?

A Boost Fooler prevents over boost codes and defueling of the engine do to higher boost pressure. This trick of the ECM will prevent over boost codes (P0234 and P0236) from limiting your engine when using a aftermarket turbo. Hence the name boost fooler. It “fools” the ECM into reading that your turbo is producing a lower boost number than what it actually is occurring. The boost fooler will allow you to get the full performance potential out of your truck. While even a stock engine will enjoy the boost fooler’s benefits, the payoff really shines in heavily modified trucks. You could gain as much as 50hp while reducing engine temperatures by as much 300 degrees (expect 10hp and 75 degrees, or less respectively, for stock trucks). With easy installation, the boost fooler is a modification anyone can accomplish.

How does a Boost Fooler Work?

When the turbo produces a huge volume of boost pressure, the ECM typically sends out a trouble code reducing the fueling and the power by around 50-80 HP. The electronic boost fooler prevents the ECM from seeing the excess boost allowing for the turbo to produce the air flow that is being demanded. The boost fooler does not only put out a lower boost number. It also see when the factory max boost is reached and then keeps the ECM from knowing your turbo has reached the limit. This keeps it from reading a code on older trucks and keeps the wastegate closed on new trucks. Making this product a must have for engines with any electronic, injector, or turbo enhancements. Getting an aftermarket turbo that is capable of pushing 50 PSI or more? Get a boost fooler. Doesn’t work on older trucks with mechanical turbos.

Is a Boost Fooler Detectable at the dealership?

No. A boost fooler has no footprint. The only way it is detectable is if someone physically looks for it.

Is Over Boosting the Turbo with a Boost Fooler Harmful?

Maybe. Pushing anything to its limits can be harmful. However, the chances of the boost fooler alone being the cause of a major problem is very unlikely.

ts mp 8What Other Products Have a Boost Fooler Built In?

  • TS MP-8
  • Almost any chip on the market (Smarty products)

What are Popular Brands that Offer Boost Fooler Kits?

With today’s diesel trucks pushing more and more horsepower, getting a boost fooler is a no brainer. Don’t let your engine be held back from its full potential. Eliminate your over boost defueling during full throttle and maximum performance out of your engine. Now you know the answer to what is a boost fooler. However, if you do have any questions or want to know more about boost foolers you can give us a call toll free at 1-866-737-4966.

Install Video for an ATS Boost Fooler for a 2004 Dodge Cummins:

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