TS Performance Ford 7.3L Chips

One of the most popular performance products for the Ford 7.3L Powerstroke is TS Performance chips. It is easy to get confused when it comes to your options. What is a single position chip? What is a 6 position chip? Why do they cost different amounts?

The single position and 6 position switchable chip is the same exact chip, just burned with different setting and the single position chip doesn’t include a knob. The TS single position 7.3L chip is ideal for fuel economy and towing. It is burned with 1 setting, 75 horsepower. The single position chip does not include a knob and cost around $75 less.

The TS 6 position chip for the 7.3L has allot more options for just a little more money.  Choose 6 settings from various options such as no start, anti theft, stock, high idle, valet, 50hp, 75hp, 100hp, and 140hp. This is the most popular version of the TS Performance chip for the 7.3L Ford Powerstroke.


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