Truck Products for a Successful Summer

truck products for summer

The weather is starting to finally get a little warmer. Green has come back to the trees and you just want to take your rig with your favorite boat to the lake. However, this winter has been harsh on your favorite diesel truck. You wonder if it truly ready for towing, camping, and maybe some off-roading? However, you also wonder if your truck is ready for all this traveling and the summer heat? Below are examples of some diesel truck add-ons to keep you and your truck prepared for this summer’s travels and weather. Want to get ready your truck ready for summer? Check out our “Getting Your Truck Ready for Summer” article.

Fuel Tanks

Big vacation road trip planned for the beach this summer? Well we have the fuel tank for you! Titan Tanks help you extend your range far beyond the other guys. Imagine having a 60 gallon plus fuel tank. It is nice isn’t it… You get to fill up your fuel tank when you choose to. That means you could fill up at a lower price and skip the higher prices on your long road trip. Saving you money and time on your trip, what could be better? Now if you could only get the family from having to stop at every rest stop maybe you could make excellent time. Titan’s lightweight, polymer fuel tanks are virtually impervious to the corrosive effects of diesel and bio-diesel fuels, as well as common fuel additives that are blamed for degrading the protective linings of original equipment steel tanks. Titan’s replacement tanks are constructed of military-grade cross-linked polyethylene (XLHDPE) and is compatible with most bio-diesel fuel blends.

Water Meth Injection

With Fuel prices on the rise during the summer every little bit of money you can save at the pump helps. A water meth kit could be your answer to making the summer fuel crunch a walk in the park. We have the product for you! A Snow Performance MPG-MAX Boost Cooler water meth kit. For Power, Cooling, and Maximal fuel economy – nothing else comes close! Special mapping provides the largest range of injection for smooth OEM quality power and fuel economy. The most sophisticated and Powerful system on the market today. Saves warranty – won’t leave a signature on the vehicles’ computer. System quickly pays for itself in fuel savings! We even had a customer get one of these kits and took a trip to Florida and said the kit paid for itself in just one trip! Now that is some incredible savings.

Cold Air Intakes

Going camping and off roading as part of any truck owners summer weekend plans. However those roads can take you down some dusty and dirty environments. Nobody wants that in their system! An aftermarket Cold air intake can filter miles ahead of your stock OEM intake filter. Filtration is what defines an intake and that is why we recommend an S&B intake. S&B is able to provided exceptional airflow characteristics without sacrificing efficiency. Check out the video below on choosing the difference between a dry and oiled filter.

Air Bags

Create a smoother ride for those long road trips. Air Bags mount between the frame and the suspension of light-trucks, vans, and motor homes. The heavy-duty convoluted air springs will handle all leveling needs with heavy load carrying capacities. Just install and get ready for one of the best rides of your life. Also don’t forget that an air bag cradle makes a great addition to any air bag purchase!


edge_cts_evolutionAll around one of the best choices for an upgrade to your truck is a programmer. These are great no matter the time of year but help you out immensely in the summer. Want to tow the boat to the lake? NP there is a tune for that. Got a tractor pull and are going for a new record.? Np there is a tune for that as well. On a long family vacation down south and really need to conserve your fuel? Guess what and say it with me? THERE IS A TUNE FOR THAT! Chips, programmers, and tuners no matter what you want to call them in general give you the ability to monitor your truck and change the programing of the vehicle to better enhance your driving experience. Want to know the difference between a programmer and a module check out this article here.


Big truck pulls for this summer. How about a new clutch to get your further down the track? When you are buying a clutch, keep on thing in mind. No clutch is indestructible. No matter who made it or what it is rated for, you can destroy it in a hurry if you don’t use it properly. So if you are careful when choosing it and reasonable when using it, you can get the most out of your clutch. Check out the Southbend Clutch HD Series product review video below.


An intercooler is the perfect complement to keeping an engine system cool during the hot summer months. The ATS SubZero Intercooler is placed in the airflow path between the turbocharger and the engine intake in order to cool the air after it has been compressed by the turbo. When the turbo compresses the air it’s ambient temperature rises by up to 350*. The ATS SubZero Intercooler utilizes heat exchange technology to cool this compressed air creating a more dense air flow into the intake of your engine. This means more air molecules go into the cylinder and, when mixed with the proper amount of fuel, increase engine power giving your more performance as well as enhanced fuel economy.

Floor Liners

floor-linerNow with all your traveling and vacationing this summer your are bound to get a little dirt in your floor boards. Even if you change boots and knock them off before getting into your vehicle dirt always finds a way to enter your vehicle. The clean up that follows can be a real pain without proper floor liners or mats. They make clean up a breeze and can even give your truck a custom, clean look.

These truck products are some suggestions for your possible needs as the summer season approaches. So you got the products but afraid your truck will break down this summer? Maybe give our “Getting Your Truck Ready for Summer” article a read on ways to prevent the dry summer heat from getting to your rig. Do you have any other suggestions for great diesel truck products? Let us know in the comments.


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