Quadzilla Pulse V2 Monitor

Quadzilla is back and better than ever.

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Quadzilla pulse v2 monitor is DISCONTINUED

Visit Thoroughbred Diesel to find an alternative to the Quadzilla Pulse V2 monitor.

Quadzilla has announced they are upgrading the Pulse CM monitor to the Quadzilla Pulse V2 monitor. The Pulse V2 has not started shipping yet but you can go ahead and pre-order yours today. The Pulse V2 is expected to ship around mid June.

The Quadzilla Pulse v2 monitor is a upgrade in every way. The look and feel of the Pulse V2 is the obvious upgrade. Its thin design, huge display, glossy finish and chrome accents are just the start. Installation is a snap with one simple connection to the Adrenaline wiring harness and you are ready to go. We also have a complete line of full length and half length pillar mounts based on your application.

One of the things we are most excited about at Thoroughbred Diesel is that for the first time in the diesel world, you will now have the ability to custom tune your Adrenaline module on the fly with the use of the quadzilla pulse v2 monitor! With a few button presses you will be able to control the max fueling and max timing amount plus the ability to shape your own power curve!quadzilla pulse v2 monitor


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