Quadzilla Power is Back! What You Need To Know About The New Products

quadzilla powerQuadzilla Power – The Beast is Back

Quadzilla Power has been in hibernation for years now. However, the BEAST IS BACK! Quadzilla has all your favorite products back like the Adrenaline, XZT+, and boost foolers. New and improved and ready to take your rig to the next level of diesel performance.

See Quadzilla’s New Product Line Descriptions Below:


adrenalineThe Adrenaline module is packed full of usable and useful features unlike other products on the market. The heart of the Adrenaline uses proprietary software unlike any other on the market allowing us to control the entire engine via the engines control bus. The Adrenaline utilizes its 100% control over injector pulse width, injection timing and injection control pressure to increase efficiency and add more power. This is a unique combination that before now was only available by buying multiple products and using them together.


xztThe XZT+ is in a class of its own. This one of kind power module will provide an additional HP and Ft. Lbs. of torque to your truck. New XZT+ modules purchased will include a more powerful tune by default. Installation is simple and takes less than 10 minutes to install with only 2 simple connections made on your engine. You do not “tap” the pump wire and it is 100% invisible to the dealer once removed. Adjustments on the fly are made simple with a 3 position toggle switch. There is an “off” setting, fuel mileage setting, and a horsepower setting available at your fingertips.

Boost Fooler

boost foolerIf you are towing heavy loads, using a downloader/programmer, or running modified injectors then the Quadzilla Boost Fooler is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT! While programmers can definitely improve performance, there are still things that they cannot do to allow you to gain optimal power and efficiency out of your engine. The Boost Fooler will allow you to increase turbo boost to compensate for the added fueling modifications you have made. Enabling your turbo to produce more boost will increase overall horsepower and torque and lower your exhaust temperatures.

Not sure what a boost fooler is? Read our article about “What is a Boost Fooler.”

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