vp44 pump review

Hot Rod VP44 Injection Pump Review

Hot rod VP44 injection pump review to help you better understand what these performance hot rod pumps could do for your 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins 5.9L diesel. Continue Reading →

best duramax tuner

Best Duramax Tuner That You Need To Buy: EFI Live Review

Every Duramax diesel owner wants to know what the best Duramax tuner is for their truck. Diesel Addict has the definitive answer for you! The EFI Live Spade series by Duramax Tuner. Continue Reading →

intake horn

Hassle Free LB7 Mod That Actually Results In A Quick 15HP

Modified Intake Horn review to help you in your possible next purchase for your LB7. Increase your LB7’s potential with this simple upgrade. Tests showed an increase of 15hp with this Fleece Performance Modified LB7 Intake Horn that is a bolt on. Continue Reading →


TS Informant 6 Review | Own A TS Chip? This Will Make You Happy

Informant 6 review to help you better understand what this stand a lone monitor could mean for you and your TS Six Position Chip. This all-in-one monitor features an expandable design that also monitors additional parameters such as turbo boost, speed, transmission temperature and more! Continue Reading →

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