Combustion Blow By Troubleshooting Tips For Ford 6.0L Injectors

A common problem on the 6.0L Power Stroke is air in the low-pressure fuel supply to the injectors. The majority of the time the cause is one or more injectors that are not sealing properly in the cylinder head. This … Continue Reading →

what is a boost fooler

Boost Foolers Spotlight | How They Work And Create More Power

What is a Boost Fooler? A boost fooler is prevents over boost codes and defueling of the engine do to higher boost pressure. This is essential when doing any power modifications. Continue Reading →


Best Differential Cover For Your Diesel

Ever wondered about if you want a differential cover for your rig? Maybe even what kind of diff cover should you go with? This article is just for you! Continue Reading →

package deals

Diesel Package Deals for all

Thoroughbred Diesel has always been your one stop shop for diesel performance parts. However, we have outdone ourselves in providing you with personalized package deals for your vehicle. We now have a package deals for stock diesels that will save … Continue Reading →

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