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nitrous expressNitrous Express was started in 1996 because they knew they could offer nitrous systems that out performed anything on the market. Their right out of the box thinking brought the company to new heights in no time. Nitrous Express had an advantage. They got to start with a blank sheet of paper. They were able to manufacture their components with all the hot rod modifications built in. This allowed their customers to achieve better results right out of the box. Other racers were left paying big money to modify the competitors’ parts. It was like a breath of fresh air for the industry!

Nitrous Express makes nitrous oxide injection systems designed from the ground up to be the most advanced, most reliable, and most potent systems available. Built and extensively tested in America, NX “wet” nitrous systems arrive ready to install, without all the trial-and-error associated with other nitrous kits, and with accurate at-the-wheel horsepower ratings. In pursuit of perfect nitrous/fuel delivery, Nitrous Express CNCs its own high-efficiency, low-turbulence valves, jets, and solenoids. For complete systems, or components to complete or expand your existing nitrous setup, check out NX Nitrous Express products! Sure to be copied, but NXs Made in the USA quality will never be matched!

Thoroughbred Diesel has specialized in diesel performance for years. We specialize in performance products such as Nitrous Express.  If you have any questions concerning nitrous or performance products and call us toll free at 866-737-4966.

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