Hub Garage

If you are taking time to read this blog then chanced are you are either a car or truckĀ  enthusiast just like me. I was jumping around the internet the other day and found a website I would like to share, it is

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the concept of FaceBook, we Hub Garage is like a Facebook for automotive enthusiast. At Hub Garage you build your own garage where you can share pictures, videos, and publish automotive news.

HubGarage members can also check out other people’s garages and connect with people who have similar interests, post comments, and become buddies with other members. also features original content including automotive news and web-based video shows. This is a great way to meet and connect with other automotive enthusiasts!


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  • obd2 scanners says:

    I was’nt sure I would like this site since it was about Hub Garage | Diesel Addict but I was wrong and thought it was cool and found it on Bing . Thanks and I’ll be back as you update.

  • Owen the Cars Guy says:

    Incredible, that’s exactly what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of work

  • Diesel Mechanic says:

    Not sure how I haven’t seen this till now. Thanks for the info!
    I’ll have to check out hub garage and see about sharing the details on my Cummins Diesel 3.0 powered Jeep Cherokee

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