Hot Rod VP44 Injection Pump Review

Hot Rod VP44 Injection Pump

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  • Minimum 100HP Injectors and a 150GPH Lift Pump Must Be Installed

Hot Rod VP44 Injection Pump is ONLY for the Hard Core!

Sometimes you just need a little more uhm out of your Dodge Cummins. However, we all know that the Cummins has an Achilles heel. That is the the vp44 fuel injection pump. Have no fear Thoroughbred Diesel has the best selection of VP44 pumps on the web to fit even the hard core diesel owner. For high performance and competition use, we carry VP44 injection pumps such as the Hot Rod pump, which will gain you 80- 100 hp over stock and the Dragon Fire pump, which flows 140% more than stock from Industrial Injection.

  • To use these pumps minimum 100HP injectors and a 150GPH lift pump must be on truck.

hot rod vp44 injection pumpThe Solution:

VP44 Performance Hot Rod Pumps

Hotrod VP44 Pumps purchased from Thoroughbred Diesel are re-manufactured and calibrated Bosch VP44 fuel injection pumps for the 1998.5 to 2002 Dodge Cummins 5.9L diesel. The most recent upgrade parts are used in the rebuild process and the pump is calibrated to current specs. Hot Rod VP44 fuel injection pumps can add an additional 80-100 Horse Power to your 24 valve Cummins Diesel. Hot Rod VP44 pumps are built with the highest quality upgraded parts and electronics to ensure your complete satisfaction. The Hot Rod VP44 is as close to a new injection pump as you can purchase on the market today. A Hot Rod VP44 performance fuel injection pump will put your Dodge Ram diesel truck ahead of the pack.

Dragon Flow Extreme VP44 Injection Pump
150% More fuel delivery than a stock injection pump. For the extreme drag racing and sled pulling diesel power Cummins Industrial Injection offers the biggest pump on the market. With a smashing 150% more fueling capabilities than the stock VP44 injection pump, the DragonFire Extreme injection pump is your answer to big horsepower and the fastest diesel truck at the track. The DragonFire Extreme VP44 requires the installation of oversize transfer tubes, larger fuel lines, and at least a 6 × .016 injector.

Fits: 1998.5-2002 Dodge Ram Cummins Auto/5 speed & 6 speed Transmission

The complete kit comes with:

  • VP44 Pump
  • Installation hardware

Get a Hot Rod VP44 Injection Pumpshop now at Thoroughbred Diesel

The Installation:

This installation should take around … This is the same installation process as a regular VP44 injection pump. This is still a project you can do at home.

Watch how to check to your Bosch VP44 pump number and horsepower Below:


Watch VP44 pPump Installation Below:
Part 1

 Part 2

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