Edge CS/CTS Version 2.2 Software Update

Edge Products proudly announces the release of version 2.2 for all CS and CTS products. In the new software includes Edge’s all-new Maintenance Manager software! The release of this new Edge CTS update software allows the utmost control in managing your vehicle’s maintenance.
edge cts update

Included in Edge CTS update Version 2.2 is:

• Maintenance Manager: This allows you to customize and manage your vehicle maintenance schedule with your CS or CTS product.
• Metric Unit Support: You can now quickly and easily change between standard English units of measure and metric units of measure.
• Extended Dodge PID (parameter ID) support: We now monitor additional engine and transmission parameters for Dodge diesel trucks.

Simply download the latest software update for your CS or CTS from Edge Products for FREE, and take advantage of this powerful new tool in controlling the performance, reliability, and longevity of your vehicle.
edge cts update

• Customize a comprehensive list of maintenance items to monitor
• Set up and monitor each selected maintenance item based on user-defined parameters
• Set alerts for advance notification of services that are coming due
• Once it has been indicated that a service has been performed, the Maintenance Manager will automatically reset the next service value

Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of vehicle ownership. Over time, maintenance is the greatest factor in influencing the longevity, performance, and reliability of your vehicle. The all-new Maintenance Manager app from Edge Products, helps you manage vehicle maintenance items that directly affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

The Maintenance Manager is available with the latest software release for CS and CTS devices. Create your ideal maintenance schedule from a comprehensive list of vehicle maintenance items to set up, including air filter, axle fluid, engine coolant, oil, fuel filter, spark plugs, transmission fluid, brake pads, tires, and more! The Maintenance Manager allows you to customize, and monitor, specific maintenance parameters based on user-determined mileage and interval specifications.*

* Refer to your vehicle user manual to determine appropriate service and intervals for your specific vehicle.


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