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Sinister Diesel CAT Fuel Filter Adapter




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Simple Fix to Stop Duramax Injector Failure

GM/Chevy Duramax owners know that many of their¬†vehicles have a problem with injector failures. However, the problem is not the injectors per-say. The problem can be much more elusive. The issue could likely be in the fuel filter or fuel system design. The best Duramax fuel filter adapter may be the answer to this problem. The stock Duramax fuel filter is somewhere around an 8-10 micron rating. Likewise, the stock and many aftermarket fuel filters just cannot cut it in keeping out harmful particles away from your injectors. That micron rating just isn’t an adequate filter rating to prevent damage to your vehicle. This can lead to Duramax diesel fuel filter problems.¬†Thoroughbred Diesel would recommend a 2 micron filter to help negate this issue. These small contaminants and particles can lead to injector failure and even more costly issues down the road. So what is a Duramax owner to do? Is a CAT fuel filter the¬†best Duramax fuel filter option?

The Solution:best duramax fuel filter

Sinister Diesel Duramax CAT Fuel Filter Adapter

This fuel filter adapter will allow Duramax owners to use the CAT 2 micron filter in place of their stock filter. A very popular product and a great gift idea and best Duramax fuel filter option on the market to date! This is an ideal preventative measure to save on injector failure. The use of a CAT fuel filter assembly is a very inexpensive alternative that will in turn pay for itself. The increased fuel system life will help keep your truck from going to the shop for costly injector repairs. Duramax CAT Fuel Filter adapter are becoming more main stream. Plus, who would not want a CAT product on their rig?

Fits: 2001-2015 Chevrolet Duramax LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, and LML
Filter Part Number: 1R-0750

The complete kit comes with:

  • Sinister Diesel CAT Fuel Filter Adapter
  • O-rings
  • Standoff Spacer and Bolt on Hardware
  • (1) 2 Micron CAT Fuel Filter
  • Instruction manual

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Fuel Filter Replacement:

cat fuel filterWhether you are using the CAT¬†fuel filter adapter or not, we would like to stress how important it is to replace your Duramax fuel filters. The fuel filter is the only restriction on the low side of fuel. The CP3 has to draw fuel out of the tank, pressurize it, and get it to your injectors. If your fuel filter is dirty the cp3 is going to have a hard time drawing fuel through a dirty filter. Keeping your fuel filter clean and keeping the fuel flowing freely is very important to your truck reaching¬†peak performance. If you don’t have fuel pressure you don’t have power! A lot of diesel owners¬†push their fuel filters up to 15,000 miles. This is not recommended. You should change your fuel filter about every 6,000 – 8,000 miles. If you get a new vehicle, put a new fuel filter on it. Who knows when it was last changed? Changing out your stock filter for a CAT will be one the best decisions that you will ever make for your Duramax. With its spin on design, it makes changing them out a piece of cake. Also these high efficiency filters are cheaper than stock replacements! CAT fuel filters¬†have excellent¬†construction and provide¬†better flow and filtration¬†than a lot of other fuel filters. If you have the proper fuel pressure, then you should¬†have no problem justifying this simple modification.

CAT makes the best fuel filters on the market, their absolute line is superb!!

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The Installation:

This adapter installation should take around 2 hours. This is a moderate difficulty installation with around a 4 out of 10. The install can be done without any major modifications to the truck. However, it is highly recommended that while installing this fuel filter adapter that an upgrade to an aftermarket fuel pump is also made (if not already installed). An aftermarket lift pump will help to further increase fuel flow which will be noticeable in throttle response and in some cases added fuel economy.

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See what comes in the Duramax CAT Fuel Filter Kit Below:


So now that you are equipped with more information, do you think this is the best Duramax fuel filter option? We think so. This fuel filter adapter makes it possible to run a¬†CAT fuel filter. What could be better than trusting your Duramax to CAT? Sure it is a little clich√© but it is well worth it. However, this fuel filter adapter will work with¬†comparable Fleetguard or WIX fuel filters. They will both get the job done just fine. Keeping crude away from your injectors is definitely a good investment. Nobody wants to prematurely replace those! Unless it is an upgrade in horsepower of course. ūüėČ This is the perfect middle of the road modification for those folks whose wives¬†do not like them spending a lot of money on their truck. Am I right? Even though we think the price could come down closer to 100 bucks, this is a¬†Sinister Diesel product and it is worth the extra money. With Sinister you know you are getting a high, quality product. The Sinister Diesel blue just looks beautiful in your truck! It is worth the extra money in our opinion.




  • William Fincher says:

    I am interested in the sinsd-cat-dmax adaptot assembly for my 10 d-max
    Is this a fairly easy install?
    Thanks, Bill

  • Terry says:

    If you pull out the ball-and-spring checkvalve when replacing the o-rings using the supplied parts for the rebuild (very easy) to the CAT filter, as Nicktane instructs, the engine will run much better, more quietly, with have more power, will be far more responsive and will get better fuel economy.

    I just did this myself two days ago on my 2005 GMC 2500, and the result is incredible. The author is wrong when he states that the CP3 will be stressed more. The opposite occurs because the removal of the ball and spring checkvalve make it much easier for the CP3 to pull the fuel from the tank, thru the filter and on to the CP3 itself.

  • tbreddiesel says:

    All things considered this is a pretty simple install. Under the installation section you will see this statement:

    This adapter installation should take around 2 hours. This is a moderate difficulty installation with around a 4 out of 10. The install can be done without any major modifications to the truck. However, it is highly recommended that while installing this fuel filter adapter that an upgrade to an aftermarket fuel pump is also made (if not already installed).

    We think you should not have many problems with this install however if you do want some extra advice you can give us a call at 1-866-737-4966. Aftermarket fuel pump is recommend.

  • tbreddiesel says:

    We agree. Standalone aftermarket filtration will not put added strain on the CP3, and by removing the check ball you will increase flow. We will adjust the information accordingly. Good catch.

  • Tim says:

    What check ball and spring are you referring to? Where is it located? And will it allow too much fuel to pass thru if you are using a fuel lift pump? Thank you.
    Tim @

  • Austin V says:

    Anyone know about the water separation aspect of this set-up, that is the only reason its not already on my truck… its a great system as far a micron filtration ,I mean were talking cat here . if anyone has any tips it would be greatly appreciated as far as water filtration is even needed.

  • tbreddiesel says:

    All filters perform some sort of water separation. Being able to drain the water from these filters obviously is not possible, our suggestion is to replace the filter regularly.

  • AgaCummins says:

    This is an excellent fuel filter. Its cost, he works out for 100 percent. There are no alternatives on the market, I think so.

  • tbreddiesel says:

    There are some alternatives out on the market but Sinister’s construction and years in the business shine through here. It can be a matter of personal preference though.

  • Monte Camarano says:

    Does installing this two micron filter restrict the amout of fuel going to the motor. Do I need to install a lift pump as well.

  • tbreddiesel says:

    Some filters have increased filtration without sacrificing flow. A lift pump will work well if you have a tuner or any other performance modifications to help you maintain fuel pressure, but this kit can be used without a lift pump as well.

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